Beware the Yellow Stainer

It is fungi season and all manner of interesting specimens are appearing. We are cautious in our consumption but in the past have enjoyed field mushrooms and inkcaps, among others.

Our guard must have been down this week when these cropped up in abundance


After a quick once over they moved to the kitchen table


on their way to tasty fry-up.

We should have looked a little more closely

we read, is a mark of Agaricus xanthodermus – The Yellow Stainer:

“Poisonous causing alarming symptoms”

which proved true.

So watch out for those yellow stains!


3 thoughts on “Beware the Yellow Stainer

  1. A close shave, then! But there’s nothing like a freshly gathered field mushroom – we remember some we had at Warmhill Farm in Devon. It was decades ago and we still talk about the taste!


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