Tomato Testing

It is that time of year when we look at some of our tomato crop


and decide which varieties are worth growing again.

This year we did some research and tried to identify some tomatoes which have a low number of “days” – the time from flowering to ripe fruit. Even so, it has not been a good year for our crop, both the amount of fruit and the degree of ripening have not been the best.

We had to track down the seed for Crushed Heart on eBay as it does not seem to be available commercially


We will grow this again (from our own saved seed)


Another new find we will grow again is Costoluto Fiorentino


because they are an exciting shape, if for no the reason.

Another visually exciting variety is Tigerella


He haven’t grown many large varieties in recent years but Black Russian we will sow again


Black Cherry


we are not so sure about. They have not properly ripened even though they look exciting.

Other varieties from this year which will grow again are

Black Opal

Brandy Boy




Red Cherry



and Sweet Aperitif

while, after growing it for several years, we are giving up on Ailsa Craig.

Any suggestions for things to try are very welcome…


One thought on “Tomato Testing

  1. Wow! In the last 10 minutes I’ve just made 500ml of ‘passata’ from some of our split Gardener’s delight. I feel like the tomato poor relation! Ours have been growing outdoors and the recent rain has made some of them burst open.


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