Tree to Glass

It is apple harvest time


We inherited a small selection of apple trees and have added some ourselves. Each Autumn the Apple Man arrives with his van full of boxes from the orchards of England. It was he who named our inherited stock and today we made a start on the Norfolk Royal tree.

We filled one box with large unblemished fruit worth storing but we also had a lot of grade two apples


So we set to work


Chopped up


In for a quick scrat


Broken down


Into the press


Trickling out


The apples were quite hard but a 25 litre tub of fruit yielded about ten litres of juice


On the tree this morning, in our glass this evening


One thought on “Tree to Glass

  1. The apple juice looks lovely. I also think your further tree planting is great. I perhaps said before that my tree man is good but today I walked down the garden and the copper beech is now a wonderful fountain shape and zi have more sunlight in the garden. Tonight I watched a splendid programme. It didn’t say it was a repeat though it might be. I think you would love it if you can recover it. B.B.C. 4 Forest, Field and Sky. Art out of nature. Examples of the work of Andy. Goldsmith. I think that surname may be wrong as I wrote it on a tissue and then used it!!!. M.


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