June in Bloom

As the month comes to an end, a roundup of some recent blossomings…

In the early spring, when the outside world is not very hospitable, there is a temptation to home everything in polytunnels. Then, come June, they are starting to burst


These candulas should have been outside, in here they need coralling to keep them in their place


In winter the perennial sweet pea completely recedes into the ground but by the end of June it would have taken over the whole polytunnel if permitted


It will definitely have to move outside before next year. Meanwhile it gives a continual supply of cut flowers


This is the arch of fragrance


where roses and honeysuckle combine into a heady mix.

The lake margins are studded with jewels



and the bullrush is producing heads after not doing so last year


Behind the lake we raised a bank to catch the sun and included plants to help our bees, who live nearby


They are now well established and hold their own amid the grass


This patch of birdsfoot trefoil has arrived by itself on a nearby bank


and foxgloves pop-up everywhere


Pansies are always a welcome sight



Strong colours mark this part of the year, be it campanula blue


or loosestrife yellow


2 thoughts on “June in Bloom

  1. On first viewing only the text and not the photos appeared. SoI was just reading your well chosen words. Then the pictures came up. It’s double the pleasure I get from your posts!!
    Also we have a huge bunch of loosestrife surrounding a tree in our orchard. Only the other day I was wondering what it was called. Is it a wild flower? We didn’t plant it!


  2. Yes, I think this version is. You can get cultivated versions, but we seem to have this wild one all over the place. Very welcome though.


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