Chick orthopaedics

Happy chicks:


Unhappy chick:


What’s wrong?


OK. What do we do?


Job done:

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-01 at 6.16.16 PM

4 thoughts on “Chick orthopaedics

  1. Poor chick.

    How long does it take for the tape to straighten the claws? You have bound both feet in tape. I assume that means both feet are affected. Can the chick stand and/or walk?

    S/he is being cared for by very knowledgeable and loving people. I am sure the outcome will be positive.

    Love Val xx


  2. Apparently the curled toes can happen during or just before hatching – as their bones are so soft they can be ‘helped’ by flattening of the feet for a couple of days. It doesn’t take longer than that (we believe). It’s the same with splayed legs, which we have sorted on a couple of occasions. It is only surgical tape, so it will come off easily. We will check on day 2 and if it’s still not right,
    tape it up for another day. Fingers & toes crossed all will be well.


  3. Oh sorry, didn’t answer your question about walking. No, it is in a small bowl, so it is not walking. Chicks don’t need to eat or drink for a couple of days, as they live off their yolk sac, so we just need to keep checking it is comfortable and maybe offer it water before removing the bandages.


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