Winners and Losers

No rain for at least two months and it feels as if we are surrounded by death and destruction. So what is doing well?

Insect (and spider) life seems ok
We have heard grasshoppers in our meadow for the first time and it is nice to see Large White
and Small White
caterpillars enjoying themselves in the polytunnel
As, in any conditions, all polytunnel water is provided by us we can take credit for these swellings
but somehow the Runner Beans are sucking up something to start their crop

Having constructed a state of the art Autumn Juvenile Hedgehog Care Home last year we have let it be known we can accommodate the young hogs that are definitely losers in the drought. Today we have a referral from the vets
an active yougster

Two days into her trial, Jess reckons she will be a winner

Plus, the landing pad is progressing

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