Warming up to germinate

The days tick by and our minds turn to seeds.  Time to think about this place:


and how it doesn’t really look ready as a place to grow things.

It does feel warm though.  Here is the outdoor temperature here today:


I don’t trust that peak around 10.45 am, when the sun came out for a while.  I presumed the casing on the temperature sensor was sufficient protection from direct sunlight but experience and further research have proved me wrong.  I will be building a shelter for the sensor soon.  So I reckon the maximum outdoor temperature today was about seven degrees.  Here is what was recorded in the polytunnel today:


So, even without direct sunlight, an increase of ten degrees inside compared with out.  So better get it cleared, we made a start:


In our mind it is already looking like this one at Bealtaine Cottage:

Meanwhile outside each day the snowdrops are a littler more full:



And as always, our neighbours take a lot of interest in our activity:


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