Guest Suite (including loo-with-a-view) now available

We know that a number of our friends, who follow this blog, have expressed a wish to come and stay.  This weekend we host our first such visitation, of fourteen-and-a-half guests and our Guest Suite is ready.

You approach through your own dedicated gate from which the sitting room can be glimpsed


with an open hearth


This room features panoramic views across the valley


Across from the sitting room is the kitchenette


with a full range of cooking facilities


and off-shot scullery


The bathroom is approached down a shady corridor


Men needing a quick pee can divert to the right


where a male urinal is located, complete with a footing catering for a range of sizes


If you choose to mount the steps you can pause and admire the stained-glass window which features mirror-panes to reflect the woodland theme


At the top of the steps you can pause on the balcony to take in the view


before turning to take in the splendor of the interior


This is a Poo and Pee arrangement, so on entering you have to make your choice


Which ever you choose we hope you will sit down and enjoy the view


Reading material is available


If Poo is your choice you will need to follow it with a handful of home-made sawdust


before availing yourself of the washroom facilities


Pause to admire the antique carvings


Outside you might like to investigate the technology behind your experience


If you have contributed Poo it will be in this wheelie bin where, combined with sawdust, it will be composting down in the best possible combination.  When this bin is full it will be swapped out and left for one year – after which it will be crumbly garden-friendly enrichment.

If you chose Pee (downstairs or upstairs) your high nitrogen output will be combining with this high carbon straw-stack to again produce a perfect nutritional result.


So, pause to reflect what this little building has to offer


An aesthetic experience with natural features, panoramic views and a high standard of interior decoration.  Plus knowing that no water, purified at vast expense, has been wasted to accompany your output – which is in fact being processed to enrich the land.

Today we have new neighbours


just released from their winter Purdah.

While this Siskin, singing in the Old Ash,


might not know of the fledgling that earlier flew into a window.  Now convalescing  in our care but taking a long time to recover – it might well not make it.

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