Horse manure equations

We had visitors yesterday so this lovely little load had to wait until today:


I discovered there were nine wheelbarrow loads in the truck


And when the truck was empty I had only one third filled the bed



  • I truckload of horse manure = 9 wheelbarrow loads of horse manure
  • I hot bed of horse manure = 27 wheelbarrow loads of horse manure
  • 1 hot bed of horse manure = 3 truckloads of horse manure

Fortunately I am developing an ever-widening circle of horse manure contacts; going to see one just down the road in the morning.

I am awaiting the arrival of this book:


Which will probably arrive just in time to let me know I have done it all wrong.  Never mind, everything is on a test run at the moment.

You can see a video clip of Jack First here.